Our Earth Day Pledge to #KeepTheRiverClean

Today, April 22, is Earth Day – an annual event in which all of humanity is encouraged to step back, reflect upon our lifestyles, and analyze the environmental impact our actions impart upon our planet – our home.

However, this day should not, and cannot, be limited to solemn introspection. Today must serve as a catalyst for lasting change such that the generations to come will have ample opportunity to enjoy and explore the natural wonders of the world as we do now.

It irresponsible to remain idle and perceive the environmental forecast with quiet pessimism, because together – and only together – we have the strength to alter our course and sustain this beautiful world for years to come, and it all begins with action at the local level from within our own individual spheres of influence.

The San Marcos River is the heart and soul of Float Fest; that is why, since our inception in 2014, we at Float Fest have sought to organize our festival in order to leave the San Marcos River and the surrounding area in even better condition than when we arrived (Various environmental initiatives we have undertaken in the past can be found here: http://floatfest.net/help-us-help-you-to-keeptheriverclean/).

Yet, we realize that there is always room for improvement. Therefore, today, we at Float Fest are making an Earth Day Pledge to #keeptheriverclean and do everything in our power to make our festival as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

Currently, we are in the process launching a #keeptheriverclean website which will outline all of our sustainability initiatives in detail, provide guidelines regarding how tubers can behave in an environmentally responsible manner, and disseminate information to our patrons so that they can make the most their Float Fest experience all without leaving a trace.

We all share this planet, thus we all share the responsibility of keeping it clean. Therefore, we ask that you inform yourself and join us in our pledge to keep the San Marcos marvelous.