Float Fest Survival Guide: How to Fest with the Best

First off, congratulations are in order; you bought a pass to Float Fest – a decision more intelligible than any Kanye rant… well ever. So, obviously you’re smart and you like to party – our ideal fester. Anyhow, just follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to fest with the best at the raddest, baddest, floatest (yes, we know that’s not a real word; we just don’t care) fest in Texas.Regardless of if you plan on staying the full weekend, spending a day with us, camping out with your friends, living it up in a luxurious RV, or crashing in the Ritz. Here are the 5 golden rules you NEED to follow to make the very most out of your – hopefully memorable – festival experience.

1. STAY HYDRATED: there is abundance of water at float fest, and water – being a liquid – takes a multitude of forms. It propels you down the San Marcos, lubricates our slip’n’slides, breezes through our misters, flows through our fill stations, and idles within bottles, camelbacks, etc. That’s all good and well, but most importantly this “water” must be in your body – not just on it. You can’t fest with the rest if you’re falling-out due to dehydration. Nobody wants that. You don’t want that. Your friends don’t want that, and we certainly don’t want that. So, drink water (lots of it) and please rage responsibly.

2. STAY COOL: Float Fest is in Texas, during July, the smart money says it’s bound to be hot as hell, which – all in all – is a good thing. Take advantage: bask in those rays, take a dip while you float down the tranquil San Marcos, gaze upon the lush summer landscape, work on that “tan” of yours, and sweat out those toxins from the night before. Just be sure to take a break now and again so you don’t end up in our med tent with heat stroke, start looking like a lobster, or worse yet a cast member for a Jersey Shore reboot. To avoid these horrors, make sure you have plenty of shade at your campsite. In regard to the festival grounds themselves, we’ve got you covered. Ample shade and misters will litter the grounds, so take a break from that mosh pit (you don’t need to front row for every show) lay down a blanket, relax, and enjoy one or two acts from a comfortable, cool distance. Moreover, bring a hat or two; not only are they fashionable, yet they work wonders by keeping those rays out of your eyes and off of your face. Another pro-tip: bring a portable mister (you’ll instantly become a crowd favorite), and don’t forget to get wet every now and again. This is Float Fest after all.

3. PACE YOURSELF: Knowing our demographic, you very well may be in college, but this isn’t move in day, new years, nor initiation night. No one will be impressed that you can shotgun 4 beers in a row, only to fight your gag reflex long enough to make a break for a port-a-potty and slink back – ever so “nonchalantly” –with a terrible alibi and worse breathe. If you’re older, c’mon, you know better! People, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Trust me, when you wake up in the morning and your buddy asks if you remember just how insane that Big Gigantic sax solo was, you’re going to want to be able to answer honestly, “Yes, yes I do!”

4. HAVE A PLAN: Texas may be known for its size, but neither our camping, nor festival grounds are overwhelming in scope. In addition, there will be ample signs, security, volunteers, and staff to help you navigate both areas of our fest. That being said, it’s better to ease into the waters of Float Fest rather than dive in headfirst. Gather your bearings before switching to party-animal mode. Know where your campsite is. Know where the bathrooms are, the exits, the carnival, vendors, etc. Traveling with a group? Make sure to establish a meeting spot and time to rendezvous if anyone gets separated from the squad. Finally, if you don’t plan on sleeping under those big ole Texas stars, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SAFE AND SOBER RIDE HOME. If your friends won’t step up, take charge and do so yourself. Trust us, you can stay sober at Float Fest and still have an unforgettably incredible experience.

5. HAVE FUN: This is Float Fest. Through combining the timeless tradition of floating the San Marcos, with live music, the best vendors in Texas, a carnival, slip’n’slides, giant corn hole, life-sized beer pong, etc., we believe to have formulated the ultimate festival experience, providing an innovative and unique atmosphere that any fester – regardless of age, gender, or any other factor – can enjoy at their own will and pace. So, just do you. Float, fest, camp, ride, play…or don’t. Its your life, your weekend. I’ve spoken a lot about festing with the best, but when I do so I don’t refer to Rick Ross’s entourage I refer directly of you. You are the best. You’re loyalty has lead us to a third year, a third festival – one we believe to be our best yet, and we are trusting you to make it so. Because, when it’s all is said and done this festival is as much yours as it is ours. You deserve to let go and have the time of your life, so fest as you so please. Own Float Fest, it’s yours for the taking. All we ask is you follow our rules and guidelines. We leave the rest up to you.