Help us to Help You to #KeepTheRiverClean

It’s no secret; here at Float Fest we like to party – a lot. So much so, that we’ve combined the treasured pastime of floating the stunning San Marcos River with live music to cultivate the ultimate wet-n-wild festival experience, and we encourage each and everyone of you to join us in the rapids and the rage, we just request you do so responsibly.

See, every action entails an equal an opposite reaction. For every proton there’s an electron, every Batman a Joker, every Kanye a massive ego. With Float Fest there’s a weekend flooded with surf, sun, and smiles, – lights, laughter, and live music. Unfortunately, there’s also a can for every coke and a bottle for every beer. Understand, the negative repercussion for all the positivity Float Fest provides comes in the form of our trash.

Nonetheless, we pride ourselves on the pure waters of the San Marcos; it’s what keeps our festival afloat (literally), and why we take personal responsibility to ensure our Ranch’s rubbish never reaches the river, no glass bottles breach the banks, and all junk jettisoned by floaters is reclaimed from the rapids before it can do the environment harm.

To preserve the river’s natural Flo, however, we need to be Proactive which is why we consistently campaign to #keeptheriverclean and #leavenotrace in hope that all floaters heed our creed and discard all debris responsibly. To aid in this effort, we hand out trash bags to every person before they float. Anyhow, we realize that nobody wants to float down a river for 3+ hours with a bloated bag of empty Bud Lights in their lap. That’s why we hire “river wranglers” – western protagonists of Texas tradition who courageously canoe down the river corralling and discarding bags mid float. Furthermore, we strategically position volunteers along the banks for a handoff so easy even Blake Bortles wouldn’t fumble it.

Regardless, we aren’t delusional; we realize mistakes will be made, floats will capsize, and – frankly – some people just don’t give a damn. Inevitably, litter will find it’s way overboard which is why we contract security, not only to assure no prohibited items (i.e., glass bottles) never reach the water, yet to prevent punks from needlessly littering (that right we’re watching you). Moreover, we hire Don’s Fish Camp to aid us in cleaning the river. On top of the river-cleanup they do independently, Don employs additional crews – donned in scuba gear – to dredge the river each day of the festival to ensure we leave the river in an even better condition than when we arrived.

Like a backward prison (where in place of gruel and half deck of cards you get Torchy’s Tacos and Chromeo) our grounds are entirely fenced and guarded guaranteeing our mess is confined within our gates. That being said, a trashcan, dumpster, or recycling bin is always nearby, so for the sake of the extensive team we hire to clean the grounds before, during, and after the fest, we ask you take the extra 5 seconds dispose of your trash responsibly. For our own sake and the sake of your fellow festers, we place cleanly portable/trailer restrooms in convenient location around the concert venue and campgrounds.

All in all, we employ hundreds and spend upwards of $50,000 in our efforts to preserve the natural integrity of the San Marcos; no doubt it’s a pretty penny, but it’s for a pristine cause. So, by all means, do whatever floats your boat: chill, fest, float, party, rage, get funky, get weird – we could care less as long as you do so responsibly, #keeptheriverclean, and #leavenotrace.