Metric Set to Shock Crowd at Float Fest

With range and resolve, Toronto’s Metric has – for more than a decade – toured the world, abating critics, amassing fans, and advancing artistically with every meter (awful “metric” pun intended). Through 6 albums, Metric’s sound has evolved from taut and restless indie-rock to glitchy, new wave synth-pop. Invigoratingly novel, Metric’s newfound style is electric – a neon flash in the indistinguishably drab cloud of modern pop.

Metric’s newest album Pagans in Vegas (2015) piggybacks on its predecessor Synthetica juxtaposing the authentic and artificial and elucidating Metric’s erratic ethos. In “The Shade,” Metric shines bright, casting an unprecedented cheery ambiance. Heath’s overtly optimistic lyrics and confident soprano persist, uncluttered by percussion, to harmonize with subtle synth and a bouncy, Matt and Kim-esque, hook.

On the opposite end of the Metric spectrum (if you’re keeping track, we’re up to 2, just terrible, puns), anxious percussion, thumping bass, and edgy electronica enhance despondently robotic vocals to form the delightfully nervous dance track “Cascades.” In line with Metric’s edgy persona, “Cascades” doesn’t ask politely; it demands that audiences get up to get down.

Having opened for the Rolling Stones and performed at a number of highbrow festivals (Coachella, ACL, Glastonbury, etc.), Metric has the art of shocking crowds measured down to a science (3 ladies and gentlemen). Vast experience, a diverse repertoire of material, and the ability to unplug and slow things down, crown Metric the kings of electro-punk. Come July, there will be no need to consult a meteorologist, Metric will strike The Cool River Ranch, and whether you’re a fan of indie, rock, or pop, the resounding reverberations will send shivers up your spine and force you onto the floor.

Disclaimer: Due to high voltage, avoid water (i.e., the river) while Metric performs. They are not to miss.