Rooney Bound to Make Waves at Float Fest

After a 6-year hiatus, California indie rock band Rooney (led by singer-songwriter/actor Robert Schwartzman) has returned – washing away expectations of critics and quenching thirsty fans. Rooney is making waves not only among their original millennial cult followers (whose Ipod Minis featured that classic California Bear logo on every other song), yet among alternative fans of all ages.

On May 6th, Rooney released Washed Away a record reminiscent of the band’s riff-rock, sun-pop style established by their self-titled debut Rooney, and it just may be that feel-good summer pop-rock album you’ve been waiting for.

No doubt, Rooney’s newest release parallels its predecessors as a composition of anecdotal adolescent romance fueled by hormones and naivety delivered via timeless pop-rock structure made famous by the Beatles and the European Invasion. Never heard Rooney? Think The Beach Boys meet Weezer. The band, however, somehow escapes the banality of modern pop-rock. No doubt, the lyricism is sentimental, but in an endearing way. I mean—come on, can you expect anything less than a band named after the principle form Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and led by Michael, the heartthrob from The Princess Diaries.

That being said, Washed Away illustrates garnered personal and artistic maturity exemplified in “Do You Have to Go?” a with stylistic structure clearing influenced by the band’s tour with the The Strokes (yet, in no way was Rooney’s optimistic ethos blemished by the Strokes overt apathy). Rooney is evidence that – thankfully – gritty guitar rifts are making a comeback in pop-culture. With the release of Washed Away  and hit single “My Heart Beats 4 U” we’re sure to witness Rooney make massive waves July 17th at Water Stage Sunday. We can’t wait to share this incredible experience and make lasting memories with “All The Beautiful People” in the crowd!