This is YOUR Fest

“Float Fam is bad and boujee, floatin’ the fest with a koozie”

The buzz is louder now. Reverberations shoot up your spine, and radiate throughout your limbs – only to thunder back down in an endless, exhilarating cycle. As the waves crescendo, the smiles spread. Sure, the truck’s subs are maxed out, but in all honesty, it’s the anticipation that has your crew beaming bright– after all, today’s the day.

Sure, the Ford was cramped, and the ride long, but the chatter and music were so intoxicating that the hours flew by like minutes. As you’re directed to your campsite along the bank, the reality hits, the wait is over – the fest is on. With eyes bright– albeit masked by shades – you do a 360 to soak in your surroundings.

The Ranch is in full bloom. One-by-one the tents pop up like wildflowers, and laughter echoes throughout the grounds – the good vibes are contagious.

Seeking respite from the scorching sun, some festers flock to the cool depths of the San Marcos. Others, coolers in tow, break for the busses, eager to embark on their odyssey down the river. Those with stomach growling, stroll over to the vendors to get their fill of delicious local cuisine. In the distance, couples gawk at the bustle of activity below before sharing a kiss at the top of the Ferris wheel.

Here you stand – in a field – surrounded by thousands of friends, when you finally hear it – the first chord, of the first song, of the first band.

So, how do you begin your adventure on #TheRanch? Down which path will this crazy, wonderful, thing we call Float Fest lead you? Well, the ball is in your court. After all, this is your experience to shape. This is your journey to embark on.

This is YOUR festival…. #ThisisFloatFest.